Classroom State-of-the-Art Technology

Six state-of-the-art Roland KR103 digital digital pianos with disc drive and hammer-weighted key action, USB-equipped for computer and iPod/MP3 integration.

Freehands System's 'touch screen sheet-music computer’ mounted on each piano station and the introduction of utilizing ‘Sibelius’ college-level music notation software.

Piano Method is on CD Rom with ‘flash animation’ viewed on an HD Big Screen TV for real-time ‘live hands-on keyboard viewing’ to enhance the accelerated learning process.

NXT technology in surround sound by Fane® Thin-Panel Speaker System for the most vivid CD audio production accompaniment for songs, etudes, and finger-power exercises of class lesson material.

Flash Card, CD Burner and real time audio recording module CD-2 by Roland. Students can record musical passages and play them back at slower tempos while retaining the original pitch. The pitch of the audio can also be altered so students can work with different key signatures. Students will be able to burn their own CDs!


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