Music & The Mind

• High school music students score higher on SATs in both verbal and math than their peers. In 2001, SAT takers with course work/experience in music performance scored 57 points higher on the verbal portion of the test and 41 points higher on the math portion than students with no music coursework or experience in the arts.
Source: Profile of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, Music Educators National Conference, 2001.

• Music lessons have been shown to improve a child's performance in school. After eight months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers tested showed a 46% boost in their spatial IQ which is crucial for higher brain functions such as complex mathematics. It enhances the ability to think ahead in space and time; a skill required for success in math, science and engineering.
Source: Frances Rauscher, Ph.D., Gordon Shaw, PhD, USC, Irvine.
National Coalition for Music Education

• Music is one of the SEVEN FORMS OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE; all equal in stature and in potential. Moreover, education as is, is almost totally geared to nurturing linguistic and logical mathematical abilities alone, leaving the other five forms - including music - neglected at the elementary school level.
Source: Paul Harvey News, ABC

• We need to note the results of music education in the improved development of higher order thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, logic, and creativity; improved concentration and lengthened attention spans; improved memory and retention; and improved interpersonal skills and abilities to work with others in collaborative ways.
Source: Dee Dickinson, New Horizons For Learning

• An American study also showed that piano lessons increased children's ability in learning mathematics and science. The researchers said studies into the impact of the age when music lessons are started and their duration should provide more information about verbal memory.
Source: London 1998, Reuters


"Music instruction
improves everything
from foreign language
skills to self-esteem!"
Source: Dr. Cutietta, Ph.D., University of Arizona


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