Classroom Goals

Group Class Environment:
Level 1 - 4 eight-week group curriculums and on-going private instruction dedicated to help students focus on musical skills and technique for personal growth and an awareness of equal opportunities through the performing arts. Participants will learn to express their own identities to help redirect attitudes of abuse, anger and discrimination while utilizing music as a creative and therapeutic tool. Our program creates new inspirations; accomplishments and individual self-esteem through music education and piano performance. Utilizing today’s cutting-edge technology enhances music audio and visual learning for accelerated development. Cognitive attributes and patterns of awareness of motor skill dexterity are greatly enhanced. Two eight-week curriculums dedicated to developing proper piano skills; balanced with a well-rounded theoretical knowledge of music application and keyboard performance.

Learning to play the piano evokes confidence, expression and passion! Communicating and interacting with their peers in class can foster and nurture better social skills in life.

Guest Speakers:
During Level 1, college and university music department faculty speak on the benefits and opportunities of a music education degree. Various professional musicians will also be featured as guest speakers and performers.

Level 1 Curriculum
Level 2 Curriculum
A complete understanding of the 88-note keyboard and its structure, notes, fingering, accidentals, octaves, musical alphabet, scale degrees, etc.
Left-hand chord structure and analyzing chord progressions. Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads, 7th chords, suspended chords, inversions and broken-chord arpeggios.
Right-hand melody, eye-to-finger contact, dexterity exercises, two-hand unisons, intervals and added two-part harmony for the melody, finger cross-over/under, pedal technique, etc.
Major and minor scales, key signatures, time signatures, measures, treble and bass staff, lines and spaces, note values, rhythmic notation and counting tempo, slurs and ties, rests, repeats and endings, expression marks and sustaining, etc.
Chord symbol and roman numeral notation and its application to all genres of music, diatonic and enharmonic notes and phrases and an introduction to composition and song writing.
Expanding chord-progressions in different keys utilizing ‘minor 7th’ substitution chords in both left and right hands.
Learning various cadences, Major 7th, 9th and ‘Add 9’ chord-textures for usage in Musicals, Movie Theme Songs, New Age, Alternative and Rock styles, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, etc.
Right-hand melody harmonization and adding left-hand accompaniment arpeggios to expanding right-hand solo and octave melodies plus refining foot-pedal expression.
Developing and enhancing sight-reading skills, syncopated rhythm patterns, sixteenth note passages, contrapuntal motion and counterpoint exercises, circle of 5ths, major, minor and suspended scales.
Knowing, recognizing and playing all the intervals. Knowing when and how to modulate and transpose from one key signature to another. An introduction to improvisation; creating melodic structure; composing your first song and burning your very own CD!
Expanding chord-progressions in different keys utilizing ‘minor 7th’ substitution chords in both left and right hands.


Classes by Age Group:
Pre-School Music Appreciation 4 - 5 year olds
Elementary Piano Class
6 - 8 years of age
Pre-Teen Piano Class
9 - 11 years of age
Young Teens Piano Class
12 - 14 years of age
Teens Piano Class
15 - 17 years of age
Young Adult Piano Class
18 - 25 years of age
Adult Piano Class
26 - 39 years of age
Adult Piano Class
40 - 59 years of age
Seniors Piano Class
60 +

Varius Music
Genres Featured:
Classical, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Big Band, New Age, Country, Broadway Musicals, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Latin Styles, Movie Themes, Disney Rock, The 40’s & 50’s

Sample of Artist’s
Play List Includes:
Sample of Artist’s Play List
Beethoven, Mozart, The Beatles, U2, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Green Day, Toni Braxton, Steven Curtis Chapman, Brandy, The Gaithers, Nora Jones, Billy Joel, Cheetah Girls

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