Unique Technique Curriculum – Testimonials 2007

“This method is very effective; it gets you immediately into the basic theory and has you reading music and learning chords and fingering at an amazing speed.  The audio aids you take home help you hear how the music should come out, so you advance more quickly than with other methods.  It really works!”

Chuck B.

“The one thing I was looking for in a place to learn to play the piano was a place that had structure to the teaching. With the Unique Technique method I found that the lessons were very organized with the course booklet, sheet music and CD to practice with everyday. I find that if I can hear the way the song should sound and be played, the practice at home is more enjoyable and the results make your learning fun!”

Richard M.

“This amazing beginning class and Ken Trujillo’s Unique Technique teaching methods has given me confidence in playing music using both hands.  I would have never imagined I could be doing this after attending just one class!  The equipment in the classroom is phenomenal and Ken imparts a sense of excitement for musical awareness that had been missing in my life for so long…”  Thank you Ken! 

Hiro H.

“Ken Trujillo teaches his Unique Technique piano lessons for the adult class I attended.  These are not the lessons you struggled through as a kid with repetitious scales and three-note music; we were playing real music at the end of the first session.  Ken teaches you the theory behind music so you understand how to play your own song.  He is able to give you confidence and motivation all at the same time.  These classes really move you quickly along.  After 3 years of lessons as a kid, I never thought I would be able to really play the piano.  Now after the first session with Ken, I know that I can play and really enjoy it.”
Karen M.

There is so much I could say......the class is everything it claimed it would be....that translates into "the truth"; I'm impressed when people tell me the truth.

"I've wanted to play piano since I was a child, but it wasn't to be, then. I met Ken Trujillo who told me he could teach me to play in three months. I took him up on his promise. His instruction with the 'Unique Technique' has been brilliant. I was amazed at what I learned in the first class. The whole class was beaming with pride at what we had accomplished. Music is like a new language, and I'm understanding it, quickly. Thanks Ken. "

Quite frankly, as a kid I don't recall anyone having any fun with day in and day out practice that went on for years. Everyone in my class is having fun; eager for the next lesson. It's all because of you Ken. You took the drudgery out of learning music. You made it attainable.

Liz H.


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