Educating and Developing the Underprivileged “One Note at a Time!”

Pianos n’ Pianos is now Piano Pathways.

As of February 1st, 2019 Pianos n’ Pianos officially became Piano Pathways of Colorado, Inc. We have the same beautiful pianos available for sale. Along with the same convenient location and the same wonderful staff. All of our Pianos n’ Pianos warranties and accounts have already made the smooth transition to the Piano Pathways name.

Piano Pathways will begin offering more opportunities to take music lessons. We will also be increasing our inventory of sheet music and merchandise available to purchase in store. The biggest difference will be that now 100% of our profits will go towards operating our music programs that benefit children, elderly, disabled, incarcerated and ALL people who would otherwise not have access to musical instruments or lessons. The sale of our consigned pianos is still the foundation of our ability to put our music programs in place.

Piano Pathways of Colorado, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you have any questions about the name change, Piano Pathways mission, or how to consign a piano with us, please call (303) 933-9390.

A Non-Profit Organization

Piano Pathways is a Colorado 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk and underprivileged youth through music education.  To this end, Piano Pathways provides music instruction, instruments, and activities.


About Us

Piano Pathways Mission

Our mission is to create new inspirations; accomplishments and individual self-esteem through music education and piano performance. Learning to play a musical instrument also develops cognitive abilities and patterns of awareness and enhances motor skill dexterity.

Learning to play the piano evokes confidence, expression and passion! Communicating and interacting with their peers in a healthy setting can foster and nurture better social skills in life.

Of particular concern to us are the children whose parents who are incarcerated.  These children are at higher risk for emotional and behavioral problems than most others and we have learned from experience they can benefit greatly from musical opportunities.

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To introduce, educate, teach and develop music and the arts to the underprivileged “one note at a time”.


Will Colorado’s underprivileged and abused children ever have this kind of opportunity? Unless we build a bridge and provide a pathway – they never will!

Programs & Opportunities

Building Bridges:   Positive Talent With Positive Music! 

Negative Music in Today’s Teen Culture Promotes: Anger, Suicide, Drugs, Disrespect, Racism, Violence, Hate, and Cursing

“In order to cultivate role models in our society through the creative channels of music and the arts, it is paramount that the pathway to leadership be open to the underprivileged.”
Kenneth Trujillo, President and Founder – Piano Pathways of Colorado

Are the brains of children raised in poverty different from those of non-impoverished children?
Modern science says they are and in very significant ways. Modern neuroscience has shed enormous light on how children think and grow. Recently, this research has examined the impact of poverty and negative music on the brains of children exposed to it.
(Source: Frank Kros, Executive VP, The Children’s Guild)

ENRICHING AND EDUCATING ‘ONE CHILD’ AT A TIME THROUGH POSITIVE MUSIC IS OUR PRIORITY! Our mission is to bring music education, positive influence, and encouragement, by learning to play piano, into the homes and lives of our children, teens, adults and seniors who otherwise would not have the opportunity. We want to make available, for that ‘one’ person, whether their need be financial, emotional, or social, a chance to take piano lessons in the most advanced state-of-the-art teaching facility along with their peers, in a safe, structured and supportive educational environment. As one of several incentives, those that apply themselves and demonstrate ability, character, determination, and desire, will be eligible for ongoing classes and the chance to receive grants and scholarships for continued higher education, or possibly, a brand new piano to last a lifetime, during our annual fundraising Colorado’s Children Music Fest! Building bridges for the future through music is what Piano Pathways of Colorado is committed to accomplish and to treasure!

Every year PBS features gifted young concert pianists between the ages of 10 and 17 performing at Carnegie Hall on Steinway concert grand pianos! Will Colorado’s under-privileged and abused children ever have this opportunity to pursue? Unless we build a bridge and provide a pathway–they never will!

Poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment and depression can destroy a child’s dream for life!

Programs Offered

  • Program A1:  Music Lessons in the home – an instrument will be chosen and placed in a qualifying students home where a professional instructor will come once a week to give their lessons.  Once lesson package is complete, the student will be reassessed for continuing lessons at that time.
  • Program A2:  Piano Lessons in the studios – individual lessons given once per week located at our studios in Littleton.
  • Program G:  Group Lessons (not offered at this time)
  • Program F:  After school music program
  • Program B:  Music Camp – offered June thru July location may vary.

To find out if you qualify, submit your information below and we will contact you to process your application:


Colorado Piano Pathways is a 501(c)(3) organization where your charitable contribution is tax deductible.  Donated funds will be used to provide:

  • qualified music instructors and musical instruments
  • classroom supplies and tools (visual aids, method books, interactive tools, etc.
  • facility operations
  • research
  • recitals
  • scholarships

Please check your email for your donation tax receipt.

Thank you for your generosity!

Instrument Giveaways

Piano Pathways has always honored the mission of providing children, families, and individuals the opportunity to experience music where they otherwise could not enjoy. Piano Pathways has always been dedicated to providing music education, positive influence, and encouragement through learning to play the piano. President Ken Trujillo and listeners of Colorado’s Progressive Talk radio station AM 760 got to share with the community in the experience of giving back.

Mario Solis-Marich and the folks at AM 760 provided its listeners with a unique and fun way to receive a Kurzweil Digital Piano along with 8 weeks of piano lessons provided by Piano Pathways. Ken Trujillo was also allowed the chance to be interviewed by Mario on his show talking about the work and mission provided to underprivileged and abused children and the power of music. Besides the radio show AM 760 also provided information through the Progressive Club email blast and inclusion on the front page and contest page of among other radio spots.

One of the primary mission of Piano Pathways is to work closely with other community agencies and AM 760 was a prime occasion to spread the word to the community that continues to provide Piano Pathways and its members and contributors the chance to allow our talents to be put to the use of those who otherwise would be without. A life-long passion and powerful vision are coming together thanks to the people at AM 760, you, our friends, and those that still believe that music together with passion can turn a child’s life around for the better.